CTT Inc.

  • Solid state RF and microwave GaAs FET LNAs
  • Limiting power amplifiers and subassemblies,
  • Frequency range .5 to 40GHz with power output to 100W
  • Military and commercial applications.

JFW Industries, Inc.

  • Designs and Manufactures RF components and application specific test systems, including attenuators, RF switches and specialized test systems for the telecommunications, OEM test equipment, medical, automotive, defense and automated test systems market.

Crane Electronics

  • DC/DC & EMI Filter Components/Modules
  • Space Products Qualified to Class K
  • Radiation Level R
  • Mil products Qualified to Class H

Solid State Devices, Inc.

SSDI is a global supplier of high power and high voltage semiconductors and electronic systems for the Aerospace / Military, Commercial, Industrial, and Telecommunications markets.

  • Rectifiers, Schottkys, Bridges, Zeners, TVS’s
  • Thyristors, MOSFETs, IGBTs, Transistors
  • IC & Voltage Regulators, Power Modules, High Voltage Assemblies
  • Radiation Detector and Pin Diode, Tunnel Diodes


  • MIL approved chip inductors & MIL-T-27 transformers.
  • RMIL M83446 series
  • MS21422
  • MS21423
  • MS21424