CTT Inc.

  • Solid state RF and microwave GaAs FET LNAs
  • Limiting power amplifiers and subassemblies,
  • Frequency range .5 to 40GHz with power output to 100W
  • Military and commercial applications.

Diamond Antenna & Microwave

  • Design engineering and prototype precision rotating components from DC to 50 GHz in coaxial and wave guide with single to multiple channel, space qualified and high power specialties, combined rotary joint and roll-ring capabilities.

Dielectric Laboratories, Inc

  • Multi layer and Single capacitors
  • Ultra Broadband DC Blocking capacitors
  • Thin Film products
  • Substrates & plates

JFW Industries, Inc.

  • Designs and Manufactures RF components and application specific test systems, including attenuators, RF switches and specialized test systems for the telecommunications, OEM test equipment, medical, automotive, defense and automated test systems market.

Voltronics Corporation

  • Glass, Quartz, Air, Sapphire, Teflon, Non-Magnetic, Surface Mount, Leaded and Ceramic Trimmer Capacitors.


United Monolithic Semiconductor designs, produces and markets leading edge GaAs and GaN RF and millimeter wave components and solutions for:

  • Telecom infrastructure
  • Space
  • Defense and Security
  • Automotive Radar
  • Industrial sensors


  • Crystals, Tuning Forks, Automotive Grade Crystals, Clock Oscillators, Saw Devices, LTCC RF Ceramic Products, Ceramic Resonators, TCXO & STRATUM 3 TCXO, OCXO, VCXO/VCSO, IEEE 1588 Osc, Crystal Filters, Microwave Filters, GPS Clock Synchronization, VCO oScelot configurables.Antenna Solutions featuring Chip, NFC, Metal, PCB, Patch, Stub, Helix, Ceiling and Wall mount antennas.

Coleman Microwave

  • Designs and manufactures all types of microwave filters from .1 to 40 GHz. In addition to a standard product line, Coleman specializes in unique designs to address our customer’s most stringent specifications. Products are engineered to meet demanding military applications and are offered in coaxial and waveguide modes of operation. Filter types include lowpass, highpass, band reject and bandpass both tunable and fixed tuned in addition to Weather Radar Assemblies and Components

Diamond Roltran

  • DIAMOND-ROLTRAN, LLC Maintenance-free slip ring alternative for mission-critical military and aerospace applications where long life, maintenance-free, low electrical resistance, low torque and high shock tolerance are important performance requirements”.